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112 Main St.
Montpelier, VT


We are a small yarn shop in Montpelier Vermont dedicated to customer service.  We cary a wide selection of yarns for all your creative needs. Come visit us and let us help inspire you!  

What our customers say

"The staff at The Knitting Studio are very reliable.  When I ask for advice, I get good advice about yarns and patterns and notions.  They know what I like to knit, and they steer me to the yarn they know I'll like.  When I was looking for a cable needle, Lee said, "Spend an extra dollar and get the wooden one.  You won't regret it."  And every time I use that cable needle, I think, yup, she was absolutely right.  So when I seek advice from The Knitting Studio, I always listen to what they say."    ~ Kathy, East Montpelier

I absolutely love the customer service I get when I come into your store.  You keep a large selection of high quality yarn in a wide variety of weights and textures and go out of your way to find that last skein of that particular color that I just have to own!  The staff is highly knowledgeable and willing to help a stuck knitter get past a rough spot. I just finished knitting a very breezy summer top in Maya yarn and just started a knit tank and shorts set.  I can supply photos and a blurb, etc. so just let me know how you want that info.  I am due for another visit to the store soon!! ~ Jen

Reasons I love the Knitting Studio ----- let me count the ways!!!! First of all you sell fabulous yarn with a good variety and price range. Secondly, you provide help whenever needed.  Thirdly, everybody that works at the Knitting Studio is super friendly and very helpful. Fourthly, the Knitting Studio is a very comfortable place to sit and knit and chat with friends and meet new ones.  Fifthly (is that even a word??) you provide great classes that appeal to all levels of knitters. In addition, you make everyone feel comfortable and welcome and part of "the gang"..   The Knitting Studio rocks!!!!!!!!...…Warmly ~ Deb Zuk, Plainfield

I love, love your store. You and your staff are always so helpful in finding what I need, not that I need any more yarn, which doesn't stop me from finding more that I love. It is wonderful that there is always an array of new fibers that can't be resisted! Keep up the great work - my favorite store anywhere! ~  Karen

I love shopping at The Knitting Studio because it truly is a LYS (local yarn store).  I am greeted by name when I walk in and the owner remembers my past projects.  Advice is given freely,  My only problem is that I want to buy way too much yarn! 

~ Lisa Reynolds

Why do I love the Knitting Studio?  It's definitely the great people who run it!  I love that you can go in the door with any question you have and get an answer and all the help you need.  Every customer is made to feel important.  Does it cost a little more than some stores that sell yarn?  Yes, but the quality of the yarn is an investment in your project and you can never pay enough for the wonderful support you receive.  The variety is amazing and I love the samples so you can actually feel the finished product.  Whenever I have a knitting project, the first thing I do is consult my calendar to see when I can fit in a trip to the Knitting Studio.  Then with yarn, directions and confidence, I leave the store and can't wait to start the project. 

Thanks for being there. ~ Sue Wells

The best thing I can say about The Knitting Studio is the help I receive when I'm stuck on a project.  The yarns of course, are fabulous, but you can't finish a project when you don't know how to proceed.
Thank you! ~ Linda Hutchins

I love walking into your store. I am always greeted in a friendly manner. The yarns are absolutely wonderful. The service is great and always willing to help when  I am having a knitting problem. The classes are fun and a good way to increase your skills and meet other knitters. When  I leave I am already looking forward to my next visit and my next project. ~ Diane